Leftover crap

I’ve been finding some unexpected leftover crap from screwing up WordPress and having to re-install it.  For instance my blogroll was reset.  Didn’t realize that till just today.  Who are those people?  I’m fixing it now.

All the people who made it past the moderation test (I have to moderate each new commentor the first time they comment) now all have to moderated again.  So if you notice some unusual delay in your comments posting… that’s why.  Go ahead and comment and get it over with now.

My lovely K2 theme that made my site all nifty (shut up) is only in Release Candidate stage for the new WP2.3. version.  Not sure if I want to go all hog wild in customizing a RC version.  There’s been no new updates for a month.  I wonder if I should wait?  I also wonder if there’s a better alternative…?

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8 Responses to “Leftover crap”

  1. Jason says:

    Although, the K2 theme was quite nice. Perhaps it’s time to move on to a new theme.

  2. Karaoke Diva says:

    There are like a million WordPress themes. Move on, buddy.

  3. rev_matt_y says:

    You know, if you’d just write your own blog tool this wouldn’t be a problem :)

  4. yoshi says:

    I say design your own. it’ll strengthen your php skills.

  5. Insomnic says:

    I say … be lazy. Don’t design your own. Go find a basic template and then fix it up a bit yourself… lazy is king!

  6. cybrpunk says:

    The previous incarnation of cybrpunk.com was written by me with a LOT of help from Yoshi. I did it. I liked it. And it was a very rewarding yet extremely frustrating process to go through.
    Now that I’m in HK, I don’t have my library of reference books or my friends that are awake when I am. That’s another reason I’ve switched to the ready-made pie crust blog tools.

  7. rev_matt_y says:

    You’d be surprised the odd hours I keep :)

  8. cybrpunk says:

    Rev_matt programs in the computer equivalent of Old West Norse which died out in the 13th century. Meaning like 3 people know it now. And rev_matt is one of those 3.

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