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Anyone interested?

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Just thought this would be fun.
I took my Elmo vs Barney pic and made it transparent over lunch today. Then I put it on a hoody. It could be on a t-shirt too. Whatever. I think it’s pretty nifty. I think I might order me one. Weird water-mark on the picture not included.

demo hoody versus

What do you think? Any interest in things like that? If so, I could see if I could set something up. I’m going to order something… I just don’t know what yet.


Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Saw these and just thought I’d share.

A creative war-time use for Silly String:
After months of frustration, a mother of a soldier in Iraq has found someone to ship about 80,000 cans of Silly String to the troops, who use the foamy substance to detect trip wires on bombs.
Had no idea.

Here’s a creative form of dentistry:
A dentist accused of fondling the breasts of 27 female patients is trying to keep his dental license by arguing that chest massages are an appropriate procedure in certain cases.
Seems reasonable to me, but I can udderstand the concern.

New proof that dogs are good and cats are evil:
Dog Saves Family From Fire Blamed on Cat
Of course I would blame the people for owning and using a kerosene lantern while sleeping.

Working from home today, so this is what you get, hehe.

case of the mondays

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Another Monday, another ulcer.
OK maybe it’s not that bad, but this job will probably turn me grey.
All I want to know is, how do you translate “delete and recreate an e-mail account” into “archive some mail out to make the mailbox size smaller”?  It’s not possible, but that is exactly what happened over the weekend.  Yeah, when I ask for someone to delete and re-create an account I actually expect that to happen.

Things have been going crazy here at work lately.  Next week I leave for Macao and will be gone for about a week.  Then I fly to Seoul and I get a little vacation time then.  Then November will be the month to get everything caught up before I have to deal with two extremely badly handled office relocations to take place in December.   All before I leave to come home for Christmas.

Ugh… I seriously need someone to work for me here in Hong Kong.  Preferably someone who speaks fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese.  Japanese would be nice too but you can’t be too greedy.  Oh, and they should be able to read my mind too.  But only the work-related bits.

Yesterday we went with some friends to Hong Kong Disneyland and it was kinda nice.  It’s a very small park (as everything is in Hong Kong) and it wasn’t as boring as I remembered the one in Orlando being when I was in my early teens.  Things were decorated for Halloween and it was a relatively nice day out.  The best part was a drawing class they had where you got to draw a vampire Mickey or Jack Skellington.  Muse got a vampire Mickey picture drawn by one of the animators.   Lucky.

Sick… and tired

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

It seems that I have a cold.  My nose alternates between runny and dry and stuffy.  I’m sneezing and coughing.  I feel like poopy.  I took some DayQuil but it’s expired.  Hopefully it still works.

I was considering printing a biohazard logo and pasting it to my office door.  Because I’m at work.  Because I have too much to get done this week.  Everyone beware… I am a plague carrier.  Narf!

Because plague carriers yell ‘Narf’ indiscriminately at people.  Just ask them.  You’ll see.

Some fun stuff

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

No rants today. Here’s some fun stuff from some of my favorite web comics:

Certified organic music. I couldn’t have said it better.

How to win at Team Fortress 2. You’d think this would be obvious. But no.

For the ladies: How men can spend time alone and get absolutely nothing accomplished. I don’t think the fairer sex realizes how easily distracted we really are.

Never agree to unecessary surgery. It may be more unecessary than you think.

Another one from for all you insomniacs out there. I’m sure you can relate.

A classic regarding the finer points of the misunderstood face-huggers from the Alien movies.