Like a yo-yo

I’m back home and I am beat. Now it’s Midnight, so I need to hit the hay so I can get up and re-pack and head to the airport. Who thought this was a good idea?

I wish I could say something nice about the place we held the conference or Macao in general, but I really can’t. So I’ll be like Thumper and say nothing at all about it. Which kind of misses the point of having a web-site I suppose. But anyway….

I sat next to a person on the Discovery Bay ferry who had a ton of bags and had obviously had a long day of shopping. What struck me as odd was that she was a Filipina (which means probably a helper or maid) and she pulled out an Apple iPhone box and was checking it out. Now I mentioned before about the crazy prices of getting a hacked iPhone in Hong Kong and I just have a hard time believing that this person bought one. So I’m thinking: Has someone figured out how to make a counterfeit iPhone? Complete with fancy packaging? Theres fake everything else, but that just seems too specific and complicated.

That being said, there are a lot of wannabe iPhones available in Hong Kong now. Companies like HTC and others are making similarly designed and functioning phones without being copies. They seem nice, but that is not what I saw on my way home tonight.

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  1. crockdaddy says:

    HTC phones were announced prior to the iPhone …. however Apple beat them to market.

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