Monday to Macao

It’s weird but there are two acceptable ways of spelling Macao. Macao and Macau. Whatever.

So, today me and the missus are travelling with people from work to Macao on the hydrofoil ferry. Hydrofoils are neat. The whole freaking boat comes up out of the water and it just kind of flies across the top of the water on stilts with skis on the bottoms. I have no idea how ow why it works, but I can only assume that magic or nuclear powered underwater rockets are somehow involved because they are fast.

Everyone in the region was given a blank white half masquerade mask to decorate based on their job or office for a big dinner on the weekend. From what I hear many people aren’t doing it. I hate to sound like I’m using a stereotype but many Asians aren’t very creative. Plus many people are just too busy. I could see how this little “project” could be quite hard for many in this region. Of course, I had to decorate mine.

Here’s the before picture:
mask before

Here are the after pictures:
mask after 1 mask after 2mask after 3

4 Responses to “Monday to Macao”

  1. jason says:

    Cool mask. Have fun in the Vegas of the east.

  2. Mutha says:

    How did you do that?

  3. I did the flower :)
    and saved the day.

  4. cybrpunk says:

    I spray painted the mask with red paint and then used a Sharpie to draw the tribal dragons.

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