Finish the fight

Hello data. You’re my bitch now.

The old hard drive that failed on me has been dismantled in the never-ending cause of curiosity. Don’t believe what you read about the Western Digital My Book Essentials series: they can be opened. It may not be usable anymore, but it is in pieces and the disk extracted for future testing. I am the alien and it is my helpless human captive. Let me grab my probe.

Yesterday we went to Mong Kok and Sham Shui Po again and we bought stuff. Because, really… what else can you do there? I bought a big stuffed Totoro (squee!) and two Maxtor external 500GB USB drives. And some blank DVDs… with little pink octopus on them. Hehe. I love Hong Kong sometimes.

So I copied all the salvaged data from the temp drives I borrowed onto one of the new drives. Then I hooked up the second drive and created a batch file to xcopy all the data with the archive flag set to the second drive. I have this batch file set to run every night at 3am local. It works too. I already tested it.

This has one major advantage and one major disadvantage:

  • ADVANTAGE: Unlike with RAID-1 setups, if I screw up and delete or overwrite a file I can still go to the second drive and recover the previous version before the scheduled task runs. This is great, because I tend to screw up a lot.
  • DISADVANTAGE: Unlike RAID-1, if I delete or move files those changes are not reflected on the second drive. Actually if I move files from one folder to another on the first drive, it will create duplicates of that data. That will suck, but I think I can work around it.

Either way the evil empire of computers will have to try a little harder to destroy my data. The next step is to use those cute little octopus DVDs to back up some of the data that will never change. Octopus are good for that.

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  1. insomnic says:

    You may want to look into versioning backups. Some good backup software can do it. I think the free syncback will do it. That way you can setup sutomated backups from the PC (with error logging) and it will keep multiple versions. And this will allow for the RAID system.

    Plus… the automated system is nice to keep from missing backups.

    RAID is also good for safe storage instead of just backups.

    Sorry… taking my backups very seriously lately…

  2. rev_matt says:

    Seems like the best option for your setup is rsync.

  3. cybrpunk says:

    rsync does indeed sound like a nice option, but I’m not running Unix.
    I’ll check out the freeware version of SyncBack and see how that works.
    Thanks guys.

  4. rev_matt_y says:

    If you’ve got Cygwin then you can install rsync no problem. Another good implementation is

  5. Rusty says:

    Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinknig all around!

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