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So it’s the end of August. Hrmmm….

Did anyone happen to notice the pretty colored and randomized header on the site? They’ve been there for about a week or so. I think they is preee-teeee. Yay for Photoshop painting!  OK, so I’m trying out a new logo instead.

Before I left the States, I (with help) ripped my entire CD collection to mp3 before putting the CDs into storage for who knows how many years. That was the original reason for purchasing the 500GB external drive actually. As of this morning, I have a little over half the full CD rips salvaged to the temporary replacement drive. That’s over 400 albums. A little under 380 to transfer when I left. I actually didn’t realize I had that many on that drive. It’s a good thing I didn’t rip my DVD collection too….

My weekend project has been rescheduled to tomorrow (Saturday) so I will be working most of the day. No big deal though. I’ll take another day off for compensation and use it for us to go to Beijing or Tokyo or someplace like that for a long weekend.

I’ve been working on budgets for all the Asia-Pacific offices for the past few weeks. They’re actually really easy to do. The hard part is getting the necessary information from each office. That’s what takes so long.

Oh, and me and the wife went to Sham Shui Po again to visit the Golden Centre (which is a local computer/video game mall) last weekend. We both got new 4GB USB flash drives. Ya know… because we needed them. Mostly. Her’s has an orange kitty on it. You can see it here.

Supposed to be included in a podcast this weekend too. That should be fun. More details to follow on that if it works out.

Oh and I’m planning a new fun audience participation project. It involves… stuff. Watch for details next month. I think it will be fun.

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  1. insomnic says:

    I actually *did* notice the changed banner.

    Did you get a kitty USB drive too?

  2. cybrpunk says:

    No I got a very manly Imation Nano flash drive. Mine’s blue and black.

  3. […] you remember when I mentioned I was working on a new audience participation project for this month? No? Well I did. That link proves it. And that new project will start tomorrow. […]

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