The Cure tonight!

Tonight is the night we try to figure out how to get to the Asia World Arena to see The Cure live in Hong Kong.  It doesn’t look like they have anyone else touring with them as far as I can tell which is a shame.  Last time I saw The Cure live, The Cranes opened for them.  That was an awesome show and I was hooked on a band I had never heard of before then because of that show.

Also, while looking up how to get to the venue, I saw another announcement: Nine Inch Nails is going to be at the same venue on September 13, 2007.  Now I had mentioned before that all I needed was for NIN and They Might Be Giants to tour Hong Kong but I never really thought one of them would actually do it.  The sad thing though is that as much as I would love to see Nine Inch Nails live again, I’m afraid I maybe just too old now.

Last time I saw NIN play live it was during the Downward Spiral tour in the gymnasium of SIU-Carbondale.  They had a little known band open for them called Marilyn Manson which was pretty bizarre at the time.  If I remember correctly it was Reznor that gave Manson his big break.  That was a long time ago though and I was much younger.  It was an amazing show, but I have to admit that I was so exhausted and sweaty after that show that all I wanted to do was sleep.  The last thing I wanted to do was drive an hour and a half back to St. Louis, MO to get home.

Considering the tickets for this upcoming show are all standing-only like they were back when I saw them, I have a feeling it would be the exact same thing.  Only I’m not so sure I’d appreciate getting kicked in the head anymore like I used to.  Damn I guess you are as old as you feel.  I feel old.

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  1. The Cure in Hong Kong? How fun is that! I’m jealous. We need to visit soon.

  2. Jason says:

    The Cure in Hong Kong. That’s cool. I haven’t seen them since Dodger’s Stadium in L.A. way back in 1989 (I think). I’ve never seen NIN live. That would be awesome.

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