Ready for a new Wii?

Nintendo’s been saying that they’ve got some big news coming up for their golden child of a console. According to the rumor in this article though, this surprise may be a bombshell big enough to put some hurt on Sony and Microsoft. What if Nintendo sold a slightly more expensive Wii that included a Blu-Ray DVD player?

If this is true then this is going to be big. And if you think about it, it would be a seriously smart move on the part of Nintendo. How much do you think that would solidify the market against the flailing HD-DVD format (and by extension Microsoft and the XBox360)? And since you know the price of a Blu-Ray enabled Wii would be nowhere near the cost of the outrageously priced Sony PS3, how many sales would Sony lose to Nintendo? Especially when one of Sony’s big selling points was that you got the added benefit of Blu-Ray.

The only losers in this deal would be the millions who’ve scrambled to get their hands on a first gen Wii. Unless of course they also sold an add-on, but that seems unlikely as the current gen consoles have no HDMI outputs. I would assume that a new Blu-Ray version would require this to be competitive.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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8 Responses to “Ready for a new Wii?”

  1. tiggerprr says:

    After the hell, and I do mean HELL, I went through to get my Wii. I will hurt someone if they make it so grossly obsolete. :(

    ::sobs:: I had gotten nearly every retailers shipment receiving dates from them, and literally made rounds day after day visiting the stores on the appropriate days. Until I finally got one. :/

  2. cybrpunk says:

    That is sad Tiggerprr… very, very sad. It’s not that big a deal to have a Wii is it?

  3. yoshi says:

    While I really could care less if it had blu-ray or HD-DVD or lasers shooting out of it’s remote controls (ok this might be cool), I know that many people would be PISSED.

    Nintendo would really have to consider some type of upgrade program. at least the option to somehow put an add-on on…although you’re right, it doesn’t look likely.

  4. rev_matt_y says:

    Yea, but Guitar Hero isn’t on the Wii….

  5. yoshi says:

    omg yeah, why isn’t guitar hero on wii?

  6. Insomnic says:

    BlueRay definitely seems to be winning the “format war” and if Wii goes BlueRay that’ll be the end… unless Vivid goes HD.

    I wish I could find the link but there was mention that Guitar Hero would be on the Wii in a “fashion”. Think of the cool stuff the motion could do with the guitar interface!

  7. Frank says:

    This story was just declared false, like I posted the first time but my comment was taken down.

    “UPDATE: Just to let my readers know, this information is based on a fake article, so none of this is real. I knew this all along by the way (Translation: I thought it was real). I was just trying to fool you guys (Translation: I let myself get caught up in a “breaking news frenzy” and forgot to check sources). I won’t let this happen again. (Translation: This won’t happen again).”

  8. cybrpunk says:

    Yes it looks like this may have been a hoax. However, I still say that if Nintendo DID decide to do this, it would be the next smartest business move they could make.

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