Busy then and now

It’s been a busy weekend and today is starting out to be a busy day which will probably turn into a busy week.  Take a look at the wife’s list of all the stuff while our friends Matt and Mae were in Hong Kong to visit.  We had fun and I think they did too.  Well except for the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride of a bus trip from Tung Chung to Mui Wo.  We were trying to get to the Pui O beach but we missed it or took the wrong bus or something.  We never made it to the beach.  It was too hot anyway.

Today I’ve been scrambling trying to fix a dead laptop PC and get another PC ready to replace it temporarily.  Or permanently as the hard drive seems totally dead on this thing.  Dunno, but I’m running out of ways to try and access the data.  Stupid hard drives….

On a positive note, Day Three is complete and will be posted tomorrow.  I’ve edited it as much as I can and just my Editor to check it over and tell me where the stumling points are. I’ve started using Microsoft Word to spell and grammar check in addition to the WordPress spell check so that seems to be helping quite a bit.  Although it just doesn’t seem to understand when I use bad grammar on purpose.  It’s longer than the last two but hopefully not too long as to become boring.  Day Four is also in progress and should be about halfway done by tomorrow as well.  Day Five is outlined but that’s about it.  Day Six and Seven have basic premises but no outline yet.  We’ll see what happens with that.

I am HUNGRY!  Hmm… need to find me some food.  Didn’t realize it’s lunch time.

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