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I am writing this post, not to get help, but to give help. I came across a problem with Microsoft Outlook today and when I searched and searched for the answers, I found the only ones who gave them were asking for up to $13USD per month to get them. This my friends is highway robbery and I will not stand for it. So, since I spent my time figuring this out myself, I will give you the situation, trial-and-error and eventual solution that I came up with. Free of charge.

We received a new Dell Optiplex 745SFF computer recently and I decided to set it up with all the newest programs since it was the newest PC we had. I installed Internet Explorer 7 and Microsoft Office 2007 on this and explained that the file extensions were different in this version of Office. I then got a call a day later asking for the Microsoft Proofing Tools for the Chinese translator. Unfortunately the version of Office 2007 I received does not have this and so I had to revert back to Office 2003. I fully uninstalled Office 2007, rebooted and installed Office 2003 followed by the Office 2003 Proofing Tools. This is when I found the error.

In Outlook 2003 the user would try and Reply to All and get the following error:
The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, please restart Outlook.

Reply and Forward worked just fine. This only affected Reply to All. Needless to say that restarting Outlook had no effect on the problem. I uninstalled Office 2003, restarted and installed once more. I noticed that when I went to setup the Outlook profile that it was already setup from before. And when I went in and tried Reply to All, it still gave the same error. I remembered that the Outlook profile was the same one that was created in Outlook 2007 so I deleted the profile and created a new one. Once I did that the problem went away.

Now I have done this same thing many times just using Office 2003, but this was the first time that Office 2007 was involved. This seems to be an issue with removing Office 2007 and installing the older 2003 version. This is also probably why I had such a hard time finding a simple answer to this problem without blackmail.

Hopefully someone else will find this information useful. If so, leave a comment and let me know.

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