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Go see my wife

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

My wife, who is now asking to be called Muse, has her new website up and running!  You can find it at  Please notice that she created her own logo.  She is very proud of it and she should be for her first time using Flash.  She posts lots of pictures so it should be well worth your while.

We are both struggling with some formatting issues in WordPress (the blog software we are using) and there are many little things I don’t like about it.  However it does have many things that are nice too.  I’m kinda torn over it and sometimes miss my old home-grown site.  At least I knew it’s limitations and possibilities and how to get around them.  Ah well, it’s for the best.

I guess this means I better update her site in my BlogRoll…..

New book day

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

I stayed home from work today due to illness.  I was feeling better by the afternoon so after Muse (the wife at her new website) got back from her violin lessons we went to the plaza for some lunch.  We stopped by the little used book store on our way back and I was pleasantly shocked to see that the Sci-Fi and Fantasy books section had more than doubled since the last few times I’d been there.  I love that.

I found ten to fifteen books I would like to read but I know how slow I read and… well I still bought three of them.  Used books are just such a good deal it’s hard to pass them up.  The ones I picked up are Cryptonomicon and Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson and Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind.  At $35HKD (or $4.48USD) a piece, It’s hard to pass them up.  Especially as massive as these books are and in near mint condition.  Whoever had these books before me really took care of them.  And with these babies clocking in at 1168, 960 and 848 pages respectively these will pobably take me a year each to read.

Yes I really do read slow….

Sometimes it doesn’t pay

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be good or effecient at your job.  At least not in every sense.  Sure it allows me to have a few minutes here and there to check the news or write a post like this while at work but most of the time people don’t seem to notice how well you do your job.  They only seem to notice that the job is done in some manner or that it’s not done.

Here’s an example:
Friday night I stayed a little late to start swapping two PCs.  One was a new one from Dell and the other in use by another person who was off for the day but would be replaced by the Dell.  The new Dell PC didn’t show up until 4pm.  Which of course threw off the whole schedule.  I got the bulk of the work done and left for the weekend.

I came in super early on Monday morning to finish the swap before anyone gets in.  Unlike St. Louis, in Hong Kong office hours don’t start till 9am.  So I got in at 7:30am and started to finish things up.  At 8am the person I was giving the new PC to shows up early for a client meeting.  *sigh*  I get her all setup with a brand-spanking new Dell with Office 2007 and IE7 and other new apps that we haven’t given out to the others because their PCs are just too old and slow.  Everything is peachy by 9am-ish.

Then the old rebuilt PC starts causing problems and takes another hour plus to resolve where I’m told that I’m “making the new person stand” while I work on the PC.  Yes, yes I am.  Because I need to be in front of the keyboard, mouse and disply to work on it.  So I fix that after a repair install of XP.

Next the new PC owner calls and tells me she needs the Office Proofing Tools to do translations.  In Office 2003 I can install the Office 2003 Proofing Tools to give translators, spell checks and other fun stuffs for many languages including both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.  I check and this of course doesn’t work for 2007 and I don’t have the new resources to install.  So now I have to uninstall Office 2007 and install 2003 with the Tools.  She tells me she has a meeting at 2pm and I can do it then.  I have a meeting at 3pm but that should be fine and it was.  Done, no problem.

This morning the new PC froze up during a reboot.  I rebooted it again and it was fine.  Then she asked me “what about Office and what I talked to you about yesterday?”  I asked it’s working isn’t it and she responded that I told her it didn’t work in the new version.  Yeah.  So I told her I did it yesterday while she was in her 2pm meeting.  She hadn’t noticed the very different looking applications were back to what she was used to and hadn’t bothered to check if I had fixed it.  Just asssumed not.  So I left her sitting there to try it out on her own since it’s been done for getting close to 24 hours now.

I have better things to do than baby sit people who don’t even bother to notice that work has been done.  Better things like write this rant.  And avoid calling Kuala Lumpur.  Still.

Songs of the lesser weevil

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Weasels and weevils sound very much alike. In the way of their identifying words associated with their being and not of the sounds that each individual animal makes. It would be an odd thing indeed to hear a weevil making the sounds of a weasel. However the opposite way around would just make for the supposition that the weasel in question is mute. But who really pays attention to what these creatures have to say anyway? Perhaps we should listen to the song of the June bug and the garden snake. Perhaps we should listen to the songs of other humans. Not the songs recorded onto tapes and disks but the songs that people sing with their bodies and their minds; their souls and their hearts. But why should people be paid any more attention than is paid to a weasel? Or a weevil for that matter. Though they really are nothing alike.

Wish I’d thought of that

Friday, May 25th, 2007

I wish I had thought of this when I had my little blue Mazda3. I like Pi.