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’cause catching up is hard to do…

Friday, April 20th, 2007

I don’t know if I’ve ever taken 2 full weeks off work for vacation before.  Two weeks of e-mail, missed calls, missed expectations (hello, I was on vacation), etc makes for an odd first week back.  Luckily I had my mobile phone with me so I was able to at least delete e-mail that didn’t need to be dealt with and that helped alot.  So now I’m mostly caught up.  I’m just procrastinating on my expense reports now.  Not sure why…  I like money and those get me money.  Well my money, not new money.

My wife should be back in St. Louis right now and will be heading for the airport at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning (her time) to start the 26+ hour flight sequence back to Hong Kong.  I hope she remembers to charge her MP3 player and Nintendo DS while she sleeps.  I miss her and so do the animals.

In other news, check out hello! Food setup by my good friend Yoshi.  I’ve been asked to be a contributor to the site and regale the world with wacky stories of food and dining in the Asia Pacific region and Hong Kong (where I live).  I know he’s probably getting tired of waiting for me to post on there, so I shall do so post haste or something like that….

Back to HK and work

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

I am back in Hong Kong and back to work and back to updating this site.  The Northwest flight back was marginally better than the flight to the US.  At least they played movies I’ve heard of although unfortunately I had already seen two of the three they showed.  Food was still crap.  Gives me shivers just thinking about it.

My better half is still in the States though visiting her friend in Chicago.  A whole week of life without the wife.  I’m going to run out of clean spoons…..

I picked up the dogs from the sitter on Monday evening and I swear they both did a double-take when I walked in the door.  I think they had written us off after just over two weeks of “abandonment”.  They were so happy to see me they were floating.  OK jumping but quickly and continuously.  Plus they tried to chew my arms off, I guess so they would have something to remember me by if I was planning on leaving without them again.  Francis (the cat) has been absolutely obnoxious since I have been back and refuses to let me sleep. For instance, I’ve been up since 4am this morning because of him.  I’m going home to take a nap later….

Still trying to get caught up on e-mails.  Posting this isn’t helping.  So I will cut this off here.

Non-smoking flight

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

I should have weighed myself when I first got here… I’m pretty sure I’ve already gained back any weight I lost while in Hong Kong.

So back to the Northwest flights.  Tell me…  how long has smoking been illegal on flights?  Anyone?  It’s been a long time I can certainly say that at least.  So why is it that the 747 aircraft that Northwest uses for our flights still have ash trays in the arm rest of every seat?  Given that and the single out of focus projection screen in the front of every cabin I would say that the planes they use are pretty damn old.  Seriously old and showing it.  Now mix in with that food that I wouldn’t feed to my dog and unknown movies that only an art-school dropout would pick and we’re talking about some real quality time over the Pacific Ocean.

Flights I’ve had on Cathay Pacific, China Air and Japan Air Lines are much nicer.  The seats are updated.  Each seat has it’s own video screen with your choice of TV programs or big name movies.  Plus tons of music channels and sometimes even video games.  Anyway, I will definitely pay a little more for a nicer airline next time.

Back in STL

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Well we made it back home to St. Louis. Damn that is a long flight. Well three flights… Hong Kong to Toko, Tokyo to Minneapolis and finally Minneapolis to St. Louis. All flights were on Northwest Airlines and I can honestly say I’m not really looking forward to the flights back. NWA as the call it (it has nothing to do with old skool rap) is sad. I now see why the Asian airlines like Cathay Pacific now win the awards that they do.

I’m tired and I’ll post more later.