There should be meetings

Hi, my name is cybr… and I’m a game-oholic….

There… I’ve said it. I can’t live this lie anymore… this facade (pronounced fuh-kade). I buy video games and can’t stop buying them. I have more games than I could ever complete in my lifetime. I have games for my PC, PS2, XBox360 and Nintendo DS. Games that I have played, games that I am playing and games that I have had for a year or more that I still haven’t gotten around to playing (Ultimate Spider-Man for the PS2 I am looking at you).

So when we went back home to the States to visit friends and family, I told my wife (who really needs to tell me what to call her on-line) that I know I have too many video games but I need to buy just one while we are there since I can only play US PS2 games on my PS2 and those are hard to get in Hong Kong. That one game was God of War II, sequel to the kick-ass original that I actually completed. That was my oath and my resolve. She said OK. I love her.

But oh… the shopping… the temptation… the availability of sweet precious games in English. The siren song of Best Buy… I was weak. I faltered. I rationalized with her, “Look it’s the expansion to Titan Quest! I’m still playing that game and plan to finish it. This adds more to it and makes the original better. So it’s not really a new game.” She agreed and I bought it. She understands me.

Then the gifts of cash and the bane of all existence… the $100 Best Buy gift card! Gifts to torment my soul and tear down my resolve. Gifts of evil temptation; I did not resist. “That gift card must be spent!” I said to the indifferent world. So me and the wife and my Dad and his wife all went to Best Buy after gorging ourselves at the local IHOP. IHOP… international my ass… I have yet to see another IHOP outside of the US. But I digress.

I entered the store with the Devil’s gift card and the gifts of burning cash. I grabbed my sworn purchase of God of War II for the PS2 and thought about the remaining $50 on the card. I thought long and hard and circled the game aisles for what seemed like days. I am certain that store security must have been watching me as I circled and picked up random games, lingered near the Guitar Hero II box trying to figure out how to get that huge box in my luggage and, quite possibly, drooled a little.

I showed my Dad and my wife the eternally looping demo of Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy and we laughed. Barina, that is what my wife calls herself on her blog so that is what she shall be named here, said she would like to play that, so that took up another $40 it was decided. But Lo, there was credit left on the card, and Resident Evil 4 for PS2 was now only $20 and I have coveted that for so very long. So this made four game purchases total. My will was broken; the gift card spent.

On the night before I left to return to Hong Kong, we went to the sacred Wal-Mart to purchase more last minute supplies to bring back to the heathen Wal-Mart-less land of Hong Kong. I had a mission. My mission was to enter the Electronics Department and purchase a small CD/DVD carrier to put the insane amount of DVDs we had purchased (another debilitating disease) in and leave the bulky cases behind. My mission was a success! 20-disc round cases for $2 each! Huzzah! But leaving the Electronics Department something caught my eye. Fluttering in the stale air-conditioning were sale tags… in the PC game aisle. I broke into a cold sweat and my body trembled. Again I may have drooled a little. A force, not unlike the very hand of God, pushed me towards those fluttering sale tags. And there… on the shelf… my downfall: both expansion packs for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for half their normal price. I snatched a copy of each off the shelf and scuttled into a corner muttering something about my precious or something. My mind grew hazy and I do not recall all the details.

After a time, and some none-too-gentle prodding with a broom by the person working in this area, I came to my senses and snarled at the broom-wielding minion. I loped off with my treasure clutched tight to my chest in search of Barina. I found her in the Shoes Department, clutching a pair of shoes to her chest and muttering incoherently. I grunted and scoffed at her weakness for all things that fit onto feet and she quickly jabbed an accusing finger at my own prize. We then told each other how cheap these things were and all was right in the world again. We can have our indulgences… as long as we don’t pay full price.

And so it is written and so it shall be.


Oh, I almost forgot… I had ordered Dead Rising for the XBox360 from and it was waiting at my Mom’s for me when we got there. But that one doesn’t count. Yeah… doesn’t count……

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  1. Eric C. says:

    Dud you gotta hit me up on the 360! Gears of War, and some RB6 Vegas!

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