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It’s a slow night

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Usually it’s OK but tonight our Broadband Internet is running a little slow.  After eating dinner while watching a couple of episodes of South Park, we plopped down in front of our PCs and played us a little World of Warcraft.  At one point I had to logout and then back in because I lost some communication in the game and I couldn’t see Barina’s character move around anymore.  She was just stuck in mid-cast of a spell.  Now I’m surfing about and I’m getting lots of time-outs and slow loading.

If we were in mainland China this would be a normal thing, but Hong Kong isn’t restricted by them yet.  Let’s hope it stays that way for a good long while too.

Another weird thing that maybe someone can help me with is that when I go to a web site for the first time each day, Firefox tells me it can’t find the page.  Clicking Retry or Refresh makes the page come right back up, but it’s really annoying.  Especially for sites that link to other domains when you submit comments or other things.  It really tends to mess up the whole posting process.   So if there is a setting or registry change I can make to give Firefox a retry before erroring, please let me know.

Well, it’s morning in St. Louis, MO and nearing Midnight here in Hong Kong.  I’m going to go curl up in bed with my Nintendo DS….

Greasy noodles

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

I’m not exactly sure what I ate today, but it sure was good. Actually there are a lot of days when I can say that exact same phrase. I walked with a few people from work through the wet markets today to get to a little Vietnamese restaurant in Central. Central is the name of the district I work in.

Hmm… I suppose I should explain what a “wet market” is. Wet markets are like other outdoor markets in Hong Kong with open air stores and vendors setting up stalls along the street . The biggest difference is that in a wet market you find live or recently living things, generally to eat. You can find everything from groceries, fresh fruit & vegetables, live chickens and seafood, pork and chicken meat hanging from hooks, disembodied giant fish heads, flowers, live chickens and spices. They are pretty cool, but the ground is always wet from live wells at the fish vendors, people spraying off butcher blocks and watering flowers. Therefore, wet market.

OK, back to the story. So we get to the Vietnamese restaurant and two of us put in our orders for what we call “greasy noodles.” Then we all walked to the Corner Noodle (that’s what it translates to) and the others put in their order for local Chinese food. I wander around a little and look at a store selling commercial refrigerated displays and some cool plants at a flower shop. The Chinese food comes up and we head back the Vietnamese place to pick up our food. It still wasn’t ready. Slow….

Anyway, after one of our co-workers complains in Cantonese to them, they get the order out and we all walk back through the wet market to the office. They threw in some free desserts to make up for the wait. Local desserts are icky. More on that later. So what are greasy noodles? Well, I’m not exactly sure but I will try and explain.

Greasy noodles are kinda like spaghetti noodles in size, shape and color but maybe a bit smaller in diameter. They are cooked and then maybe lightly stir-fried in oil but that’s just a guess. There is meat which I believe was pork and/or chicken as well as large strips of brown-ish stuff which didn’t taste like much so I assumed it was tofu of some sort. Then there’s diced white and green onions, slivers of red pepper and carrots and something that looked a little like corn flakes but not quite. And maybe a bit of oil or grease.

I know that is a splendid description but it’s the best I can do. Seriously though it’s really good. It’s relatively dry so it can be eaten completely with chopsticks and no need for a spoon.

Go see! Go see!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I have just put up my first post on the Hello! Network‘s web site dedicated to all things food: hello! Food. Go take a look and check out my post as well as all the cool recipes that are currently out there.

Especially the Peanut Butter Pie… a Yoshi specialty. Mmmm….

edit: I wish I had some peanut butter pie right now….

What the…

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I had a really good idea today.  But then some asshole named Todd Goldman came and stole it and sold it for a couple thousand dollars.

I wish I believed in Hell so I could take comfort in this bastard getting what’s coming to him….

There should be meetings

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Hi, my name is cybr… and I’m a game-oholic….

There… I’ve said it. I can’t live this lie anymore… this facade (pronounced fuh-kade). I buy video games and can’t stop buying them. I have more games than I could ever complete in my lifetime. I have games for my PC, PS2, XBox360 and Nintendo DS. Games that I have played, games that I am playing and games that I have had for a year or more that I still haven’t gotten around to playing (Ultimate Spider-Man for the PS2 I am looking at you).

So when we went back home to the States to visit friends and family, I told my wife (who really needs to tell me what to call her on-line) that I know I have too many video games but I need to buy just one while we are there since I can only play US PS2 games on my PS2 and those are hard to get in Hong Kong. That one game was God of War II, sequel to the kick-ass original that I actually completed. That was my oath and my resolve. She said OK. I love her.

But oh… the shopping… the temptation… the availability of sweet precious games in English. The siren song of Best Buy… I was weak. I faltered. I rationalized with her, “Look it’s the expansion to Titan Quest! I’m still playing that game and plan to finish it. This adds more to it and makes the original better. So it’s not really a new game.” She agreed and I bought it. She understands me.