And now for something completely similar

I had my first language class today at work. And considering my previous post on learning Cantonese, you would think that was the subject of the class. I would. But it wasn’t. It was for Mandarin. Which could make things very confusing. Especially considering how similar Cantonese and Mandarin are. They are both Chinese, but Mandarin is the national language that all Chinese are supposed to adopt and Cantonese is the language of people in Southern China and all of Hong Kong. In American terms though, it’s more different than a Boston’er trying to communicate with a Louisiana Cajun.

The reason I signed up for a Mandarin class though is because my company is paying for half the tuition. Plus I figured it might still help with my job and maybe in learning Cantonese as well. My wife was invited to attend at the discounted price as well so we were both in there trying to sound out weird words. There were five of us total in the class, which made things a little difficult when we were asked to pair off and repeat the conversations we were learning.

Anyway, one class means I know as little as I did when I started. I should probably know more but… it’s hard to remember.

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  1. Angie says:

    A friend of mine spent a year in China while his wife was teaching English at an elementary school near Shanghai. Every week, my friend met up with an older woman at a cafe to learn conversational Mandarin. By the time he left, they were no longer speaking any English, and they had become great friends. He loved it.

    And that is my Hallmark Made-for-Television Moment for the day.

  2. rev_matt says:

    I’m starting up the language podcasts to prep myself :) I should be functionally illiterate in Mandarin in no time!

  3. Barina says:

    I think I learned something…I learned that Mandarin is difficult. I will be SOL when I miss three classes due to visiting back home.

  4. cybrpunk says:

    I’m going to miss at least two classes as well. I REALLY hope they can compensate for people missing classes….

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