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Don’ mess wit me cuz ahm packin’

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Well, it’s 1pm and I am packing up for the day to leave the office.  I’m heading home to start packing for our big trip home.  I suppose I better water my cacti before I leave.

This is our first trip back home since we’ve moved to Hong Kong.  Our flight is at around 8am so we have to leave our apartment around 5am to make sure we get to the airport on time.  We have tons of stuff to bring back for our families since we are essentially celebrating Christmas, Easter and birthdays all at once.  Hopefully if anyone gets anything for us it will be small or money shaped so it’s easy to transport.

So the updates will probably spotty to say the least for the next two weeks.  But if I get the time I will come here and let everyone know I made it home alive and hopefully no evil terrorists or evil Homeland Security people will give us any trouble.  Like there’s any other kind of Homeland Security person….

The Singapore trip

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

I am back in Hong Kong after being in Singapore for 5 days/4 nights for work.  I had a ton of stuff to get done in a short amount of time.  They had a UPS that needed new batteries installed, a brand new UPS, a new server as well as a new LTO-2 tape drive and tapes.  Oh and a new Adaptec 39160 thrown in the mix as well.  The server being replaced was there Exchange e-mail as well as file and print server.  So lots to do.  Luckily things went pretty smooth except for a couple of odd problems on Monday before I ran out to catch my flight.  Overall a decent success.

Now I’m back at my desk in Hong Kong.  I came back into my office yesterday to find everything scattered around and piled in odd places and just all around a bit off.  My phone was unplugged and my paperwork was everywhere but my desk.  It seems that in the aftermath of the remodeling of our offices, the desk I had gotten had a big scratch in it.  Big deal.  But no they needed to replace it.  So it seems that they did replace it while I was gone.  So now I have a new desk with a smaller scratch in it in a different spot….  I’m not mentioning that to anyone.  One odd thing I noted while I was getting everything hooked up was when I was running the power cable for my speakers.  And that odd things was “Hey…  I didn’t have speakers before….”  So that was weird because now I seem to.

St. Louis missings

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Here’s a list of few things I miss from St. Louis (or in some cases, Missouri or USA in general):

  • Dairy Queen
    The closest one I have found here is in Shanghai, China and it is SO not the same
  • Used CD, DVD and video game stores
    I have found one tiny store in Central (the district my office is in) but no others. This could be due to most people buy VCDs at a fraction of the price of DVDs.
  • Baked goods
    Although there are plenty of bakeries here in Hong Kong, none of them make anything like back home. Most things are dry. Except the new Krispy Kreme. That tastes almost identical.
  • Ted Drewe’s
    I think that this concept would be beyond their comprehension here.
  • Papa John’s Pizza
    They have this in Shanghai too and it does taste basically the same. I have a picture of the Papa John’s sign in Chinese on my camera. Have to dig that up.
  • Best Buy
    A four story tall giganto Best Buy opened right across the street from the office the week I was in Shanghai. I of course visited and was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of televisions. And the absolute lack of video games, CDs and DVDs. It seems that there may be some truth to ths rampant pirating in China myth you hear about. Shanghai also seems to have more Western goodness thanHong Kong for some reason….
  • XL
    XL or extra large size shirts are not the same as they are at home. The scrawny south Chinese just don’t have much use for American sizing I suppose. So I will be getting undershirts when we come home.
  • Driving
    Yes I miss driving. We went from having three cars between the two of us and now we have none. Not a car in the world. No we take buses, ferries, trains, etc everywhere. There’s a certain freedom in driving that just can’t be replaced easily. I didn’t realize that till I didn’t have it. We will be getting a rental when we come home. That ought to be fun.

X-Mas in April

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Since we were kinda on the other side of the world at the time, Christmas had to be postponed for us.  Birthdays (mine) too.  But since we will be back in St. Louis to visit as of April 1 (no foolin’), we will celebrate Christmas, birthdays and Easter all at once and as many times as possible.  The bad thing is that we have to have gifts for others.  Not that we don’t like buying stuff for everyone, but we hate lugging it all half-way-round-the-world.

Thus the extra suitcase….

We have gone to Stanley Market twice and the Temple Street Night Market once and the twin Li Yuen street markets multiple times to look for fun gifts for the family.  We may have gone a little overboard.  If Customs stops us, we may have some ‘splainin’ to do.  Probably not but that was fun to say…  type.  You know what I mean.

So we have to start packing soon.  At least the gifts.  We’ll be like frickin’ Santa Claus with bunny ears.  Sweet.

Do you believe in farmers?

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Farmer Jim: I hear you don’t castrate your animals. That true?
Farmer Bill: Yup, that’s true all right.
Farmer Jim: But why?
Farmer Bill: Why? ‘Cause I believes in karma….

Seventy two days later Farmer Jim died of heat stroke. The relic of a tractor he was riding continued on through the fields carrying his bouncing body. It crashed through the old weather-worn pole fence, crushed his wife’s precious gardenias and then sputtered to a stop after crashing through the living room wall. His lifeless body slumped off the side and impaled itself through the stomach on a broken two-by-four from the wall.

Three hours later Farmer Bill left the local gas station scratching the grey covering off his weekly lottery indulgence. As he uncovered the third and winning $200,000 marker on the scratcher he realized what he had and what this would mean to him and his family. He then realized that in his amazement he had not stopped walking and saw the dumptruck moments before it ran him over in the middle of the street. Three large tires on the passenger side of the fully loaded dumptruck went on over and through his body. As the driver slammed on the brakes those tires left a trail of black rubber, blood and small gobs of flesh in their wake.

So, what do you believe in?