I miss my stuff

Before we left, we had to do the unthinkable. We had to clean. We had to throw stuff away. We had to pack almost everything we owned to be put in storage. I miss my stuff. I like stuff. And now it’s practically a million miles away with who knows who or what rummaging through it. Rats. Workers. Bugs. Tiny monkeys. Aliens. Who knows….

And the saddest part is that we are in the land of stuff and we really have to limit how much stuff we get because we wouldn’t be able to bring it all back with us. Storing stuff is one thing, but leaving precious stuff behind is entirely out of the question. Leave no stuff behind, that’s my motto.

Besides… we have to make sure we leave room to bring back that sweet ass 50-inch plasma TV we bought.

3 Responses to “I miss my stuff”

  1. rev_matt says:

    Be honest, if there were tiny monkeys rummaging through your stuff you’d think it was pretty cool.

  2. yoshi says:

    Wow. I want a 50″ plasma tv. feel free to bring me one too. :P

  3. Barina says:

    You are such a pack-rat. It is an illness and the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem…

    Hehe…tiny monkeys.

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