Gung hei fat choi

Gung hei fat choi roughly translates to “Congratulations and be prosperous” in Cantonese or Guangdonghau (whichever you prefer) for Chinese New Year.  My office is closed today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday) to celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY) so no work for me, yay!  Of course our co-workers in mainland China are off all week…  so much for that “one China” crap.  Hong Kong is like the red-headed stepchild of China.  Granted it is a freaking rich stepchild but still….

We went to Victoria Park in Causeway Bay for the CNY fair on Saturday (NY Eve).  We went during the day because we were told that the peak time when “everybody” went was at night after everyone had their reunion dinners with their families.  If the legion of people we saw was the slow time, I am SO glad we didn’t go at night.  It was so crowded that people were just constantly pushing against you to try and keep moving.  Even if there was no where to go.  Plus the fair was a little odd compared to what we were thinking.  It’s all shopping.  Just stall after stall of people selling little toys, household items, plush and blow-up pigs, blow up swords and hammers and other more bizarre items.  A portion was set aside just for flowers and other plants and that area was pretty but still crazy.

We didn’t get much because I was really tired of people pushing into me and forcing their way past me and going the wrong way (everything was marked in huge banners as one-way for crowd control).  I did end up getting a cool Super Mario Bros plush turtle and my wife picked out some pretty orange flowers and some long stick things with soft fuzzy nobby bits on them.  I was going to get a blow-up pig but I was afraid B-Doo would pop it.

There was the main parade on Sunday (Day 1 as they call it) but I was warned to not even bother going.  It’s impossible to get close enough to see and if the warnings about Victoria Park’s crowds were any indication, then there was no chance I would even attempt it.  It was televised on T, but we’ve never hooked up our regular antenna on our TV to get the local channels.  Besides, we were busy watching the Fantastic Four on Star Movies….

2 Responses to “Gung hei fat choi”

  1. Dave says:

    That sounds like a fun cultural expedition!

    I still want pictures. I know you have 5 cameras between the two of you with phones and so forth.

    Video would be cool too!

    I must have my vicarious life!

    I am disappointed you did not find any plushy monkeys.

  2. cybrpunk says:

    Pictures… right. I knew I was forgetting something….

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