Call them what you will: revolutionaries, misguided, self-important assholes, morons. The Earth Liberation Front or ELF. I’ll call them masters of irony. It seems more appropriate. At least when your reading this article about a convicted arsonist working for the ELF.

So… SUVs are evil. SUV dealerships are evil too according to this wacko. He and two others set fire to around 125 SUVs in California. I can see it now. Yeah that will help. All the plastic, rubber, chemically treated cloths and leathers and tires… don’t forget those tires… none of those things are harmful to the environment when they are burned are they? Oh they ARE??? Oooops….

So for every SUV they burned up they probably put more pollutants into the air and environment than twenty SUVs could have created in their lifetimes on the road. Probably at least twenty times the pollution. And putting out the fires on all those blazing SUVs probably wasted more fresh water than an entire city could have used in a year.

And those evil dealerships? Yeah they sure learned their lesson. Between the free press coverage and the extensive insurance policies they have on their inventory they probably made more money on each of those burned SUVs then they would have by selling them. The Earth Liberation Front sure showed them.

So now this idiot gets to spend 8 years in federal prison. I wish he would have gotten the 30 years for using molotovs like he should have. Good luck using that physics degree now moron.

Earth Liberation Front… what a bunch of fucking morons….

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