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Record month

Monday, November 1st, 2004

Last month was a record month for this pathetic little web site. I got 848 unique visitors. That’s about 90 more then my previous record. Fan-fucking-tastic! Maybe… just maybe… I’ll hit 1000. That would be good.

Of course I realize that the main reason I even got that many uniques is because of my post about the naked women in the shape of the peace symbol on the cover of the Riverfront Times. Mostly the naked bit. But I don’t care. That post was a real piece of timely news and not a blatant spam for (naked) hits. I like to think of myself as (nude) someone who really has something to say and am above (boobs) just putting things in a post just to draw the attention of (sex) some deranged perverts surfing for porn.

But I digress… I heard that the Saint Louis police actually went around and picked up all the copies of that issue that they could find. Anyone know if that’s true or not? Imagine how proud of their jobs they must have been that day….