Do you believe?

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in chance or coincidence? Do you believe in both or neither? I want to know.

I believe that you can’t believe in one without the others. I know that some people like to believe that there is no grand scheme and maybe there isn’t. Maybe everything is just chaos but that’s a bit hard to believe for me. Too often I’m faced with odd coincidence. This weekend was one of those occasions.

However, in the fear of jinxing fate and screwing things up before they even get started… I’m going to end this with no further information. I know that may bug some people. It bugs me. A lot. I want to tell everyone about the woman I went out with on Saturday. And about the weird circumstances under which we met. But I can’t. I’m afraid if I do that too soon something bad will happen. Call me superstitious or whatever you want. I’m not chancing it. If things go as well as I think they might… then I’ll let everyone know. For now you’ll have to wait. And so will I.

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