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The puppy

Monday, May 12th, 2003

So as I listen to the little bugger cry from his crate, I’ll give you the details on the new puppy. Or as much as I have.

I adopted him from Pet Rescue on Saturday evening. He was the last of three that was brought in from their volunteers in the Lake of the Ozarks area. Sadly he and his two siblings were found in a box on the side of a road in the Lake area. That in itself is pretty sad. What’s worse is that since he was not turned in they have no real information on him. From what I can tell, he is about 4-6 weeks old. This is based on his baby teeth and his waddle when he walks. He seems to be at least part german shepard. His facial structure looks like something else though. I can’t tell what else he is mixed with.

So far he seems very intelligent and has a good disposition. He didn’t eat much yesterday but he is eating quite well today. One thing for sure: He does not like being in his crate. That is going to take some getting used to for him. He has an old alarm clock that ticks, but that does not seem to help much. Too warm for a heating blanket right now. He just needs to adjust is all.

I’m not totally set on a name yet, but for now his name is Guinness. Last night it was suggested that his coloring was like a Guinness. I have to agree. That and I happen to like the beer he would be named after.