I want to make a clarification for those of you that think I have insomnia. I do not have insomnia. I like sleeping. I can sleep almost anywhere. I was just seeing how long I could go without sleep which ended up being around 42 hours. I could have easily stayed up longer but I would have been even more useless than normal at work today if I had.

To tell you the truth the reason I stayed up on Monday night was because I was playing a video game. I know Crockdaddy will be able to relate and the rest of you will think I am even more of a freak than you already did. That’s the truth though. I am addicted to games. It’s just part of who I am. I haven’t totally forgone sleep for a game since my college days and its nice to know that I can still do it. Consider it a personal test or part of my secret ninja training. I now know that I can go around two full days without sleep with limited repercussions if I ever need to do so.

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