Gettin’ Slaphappy

I’m still awake. I’m still at work. I feel fine actually. It’s kinda weird. Makes me wonder if sleep is really necessary or just a learned instinct. I guess not since babies sleep on their own but maybe that is just how they grow. If you follow that logic, I wonder if you age as you sleep? What if you don’t sleep – you don’t age? Wouldn’t that be an interesting discovery. Since I feel like I never really missed any sleep at all, I’m wondering if I can do it again tonight. Seriously I feel like I could. Tomorrow morning would certainly be interesting since I hear you start hallucinating after a period of extended sleep deprivation. However I think that hallucinations are worth halting the aging process. If my theory is correct.

So anyway, we’ll have to see how long I can last. It’s more of a challenge than an inconvenience at this point. Hell, I’ve been awake for around 33-34 hours so far…. If I can make it to 48 hours I think that would be an accomplishment. Of course that would mean at the end of that 48 hours I would be getting ready to go to work. Which would mean being up for another nine or ten hours on top of that. At that point I might as well go for 60 hours with no sleep. Or maybe I’ll crash when I get home. Who knows…?

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