Watched the movie The Contender last night. It was fairly good and had a great ending. I provided the link for the synopsis because I’m not inspired to describe it myself.
Something I forgot to put in here before is that I finally read the book Dune by Frank Herbert. I’ve seen the David Lynch and the TV Miniseries movie versions and I must say that I was still very impressed with the book. There is so much detail in the book that you could never get out of either movie. I think the book was very well written. I know that most people have read this and I am way behind but I don’t care. Now I need to go watch that 3.5 hour version of the David Lynch adaptation that I got.
Oh and I’ve also been playing the PC Game Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. I played a little multi-player and some of the single player and it is a great game so far. The variet of weapons is interesting but pretty standard stuff for First-Person Shooters. It’s the Lightsaber that makes all the difference, though. No other FPS lets you wield a Lightsaber and use the Force to wipe out your enemies. If they did George Lucas would sue them, so I can understand.

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